Steps on hiring a caterer – Guide for catering Miami


Suppose you have never hired a caterer before and are totally clueless about what to do. This is normal for new moms or even people getting married for the first time. You’ve been looking through the Internet by searching the term “Catering Miami” and only see a few businesses that catch your interest. Go ahead and call them up after looking at their reviews. For a wedding or birthday party for a child, you'll always want a caterer to help you out.  It's always good to look around and get suggestions from friends. You have seen them host a few parties of their owned and wondered why things ran so smoothly. It was thanks to the caterers being there!
Steps on hiring a caterer
Your first task at hand is to go through reviews on the specific catering company you are interested in. If they have great reviews, you can give it the green light to go the next step.
Give them a call by looking up their business number. If the catering service is listed on Yelp, it will have their full address as well as a number. If there is a number and no address, you could assume that their catering business is run from home and this is okay too. Most home catering services have better food.
Ask them what types of deals they have going on for this month. When you looked up “Catering Miami prices” you noticed that it was normally charged at $10 per person. With 100 people attending, this could easily cost you $1,000 so you want to try to get the best price.
Now it is time to meet. Set up an appointment to go to their home or they can come to you. Ask them to bring pictures of their food or a menu that you can look over. Otherwise, you might want to have them make a different type of food. This can be discussed in the meet up.


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